This past summer I spent a month in Israel, mostly staying with family in Tel Aviv. During my stay, there was a social protest happening in opposition of the growing costs of living (Note: It’s a little known “fact,” according to my uncle and no credible source, that the Occupy protests started in Israel).

Beit Ha’am, a local public center that has served as a hub for peace and social justice activities, held an event in which Tel Aviv street artists were welcomed to “tag” all throughout the inside and outside of the building pieces in protest. The little building had art adorning every wall. Bands performed on the roof, a DJ was spinning in the backyard, drinks were served throughout, crazy performance artists got in your face, and tons of people came to admire the art and enjoy the house.

I love street art and always take pictures of graffiti during my travels, so I was very excited to attend the event. I found it very inspiring. It was hard to choose my favorite pieces, but here are some photos I took at the event.

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