For the very few fans I have following this blog (OK, maybe just one. Hi Mommy!), you probably know by now that I haven’t been the best at posting regularly. Inspired by my blog-tastic travel buddy, Sara Zhang, I realized that our cross-country road trip to San Francisco is the perfect opportunity to blog my little heart out.

We started in Miami and are taking a full two weeks to explore, stopping in 9 cities before we reach the Bay. Over the next couple of posts, I hope to fill these empty pages with heart-racing tales of our daring adventures! That and reviews of restaurants because really, food is my absolute favorite part of traveling.

Tallahassee, FL – Days 1-3

While not very exciting since it was my home for the past 7 years, our first stop was Tallahassee. We spent a weekend finishing business and saying our bittersweet goodbyes. I was able to fit in some last minute Tallahassee bucket list items. The highlight was eating lunch at Paisley Cafe right before our departure. Paisley Cafe is all about maximizing quality with fewer ingredients. It was recommended highly by a friend, so I had to go before I left.

The atmosphere was absolutely ADORABLE! It’s very small, hidden behind some storefronts, but when you find it you feel like you’ve found an oasis in the middle of the desert. A cute white fence and gate surround a little garden patio, which is filled with people enjoying their meals. The inside is small and eclectic but just as cute. Unique knick-knacks fill both areas. One of the nicest things I encountered was that when I had a question, the owner was right there to answer it for me! She was at the counter, handing out menus and mingling with the guests. Extremely kind and hospitable, she made me feel right at home. I ordered the Roasted Vegetable Panini which was delicious, but they come a la carte so if you’re coming with a big appetite, order a side or one of their desserts (maybe a slutty browny?). I didn’t get the opportunity to try it, but they even make their own soda!

New Orleans, LA – Day 4

We had both spent time in New Orleans before, so we only came for a night and some friends met us there. We stayed in a quaint little inn that was walking distance from the French Quarter (Olde Town Inn). After a short time relaxing in the room, we headed to Frenchmen Street which is lined with restaurants and bars booming with jazz music from the various performers you can find there any night of the week. We found ourself in Maison, where we had a quick bite to eat and to listen to some tunes. We all shared a variety of foods to give us a full New Orleans sampler – crawfish and alligator bites, turkey and alligator gumbo, and jambalaya.

After dinner, we walked over to Bourbon Street where I had the goal of visiting Bar Rescue and said it was a blast. Unfortunately, I was only able to stop in long enough to quickly take in the environment and order myself a Resurrection to go. It was pretty empty on a Tuesday night, but the dueling pianos were jamming like they were in front of a whole arena! Overall the environment was nice, the service was good, and my drink was spicy (jalepeño!). After some bull riding and shoe stealing (it’s a long story), we made it back to the hotel where we got some much needed shut eye. We enjoyed a continental breakfast in the courtyard of our hotel, grabbed some coffee and beignets at Café Du Monde, then hit the road to Houston!