Sonoma County Roller Derby 2018 Season Graphics

Sonoma County Roller Derby Bout Flyer Designs

Roller Derby 101 Layout and Illustration Designs

Sonoma County Roller Derby

Designs for Sonoma County Roller Derby. Promotional pieces include bout flyers, posters, programs, and social media graphics.

Hey there, long time no talk! I’ve been very busy preparing for the big move to the bay, but it seems to all be falling into place. A few weeks ago, I took another trip there and I’ll post some pictures for you to see very soon!

As for the latest haps, last week we held our end-of-the-year staff luncheon. At the end of the year we like to recognize our student employees and designers for their great work throughout the school year. This usually involves awards, which this year we decided to create in the form of merit badges. Each of these plays toward one of our student’s strengths and accomplishments or has a fun little design pun. I updated my portfolio with a few highlighted pieces, but I wanted to share all of them with you here. I hope you enjoy!

Oglesby Union Logo in HOW Magazine

Center for Multicultural Affairs Logo

Flying High Circus and Sustainable Campus Logos

Outdoor Banners in the Oglesby Union

Florida State University

Designs for Florida State University and the FSU Oglesby Student Union. Projects include branding, illustration, and banner design. American Graphic Design Awards: Oglesby Union Logo (2008), Sustainable Campus Logo (2012), Oglesby Union Banner Design (2012).

Hello blogosphere!

This is my very first blog post (HURRAY!). I guess a little life/work update is in order.

I’m in my second-to-last semester of grad school, graduation being only 6 months away – eek! In addition to my grueling homework schedule, I’m working on finalizing my print portfolio and this website, as well as working on some illustration and web design. It’s busy, but I need my portfolio to be top-notch for applying to jobs in the spring. I hope to make my way over to the west coast!

I want to use this blog to post sketches and in-progress works, inspirations, and general Lenore World updates. Here is a sketch for an illustration I’m working on – I’m trying out some new styles and I’m really digging it!