Show Some Love Logo and Postcard Design

Show Some Love Social Media Graphics

"Show Some Love"

Valentine's-themed print and social media campaign. Developed for clients within the dental and medical field to reach out to patients and referring doctors. Goal is to create connections in the community, promote engagement on social media channels, and to create content opportunities.

Campaign includes: Logo design, Valentine's-themed postcards, photo booth sign, social media posts and cover photos.

Sonoma County Roller Derby 2018 Season Graphics

Sonoma County Roller Derby Bout Flyer Designs

Roller Derby 101 Layout and Illustration Designs

Sonoma County Roller Derby

Designs for Sonoma County Roller Derby. Promotional pieces include bout flyers, posters, programs, and social media graphics.

Jackson Family Wines DTC University Logo

Atoka Skin Laser Center Logo and Packaging Design

Dental Logos

Association of College Unions International Centennial Logo

Logo Design

Brand identities created for various clients. Contest Winner: Association of College Unions International Centennial. Logo was used by the ACUI during their centennial celebration.

Oglesby Union Logo in HOW Magazine

Center for Multicultural Affairs Logo

Flying High Circus and Sustainable Campus Logos

Outdoor Banners in the Oglesby Union

Florida State University

Designs for Florida State University and the FSU Oglesby Student Union. Projects include branding, illustration, and banner design. American Graphic Design Awards: Oglesby Union Logo (2008), Sustainable Campus Logo (2012), Oglesby Union Banner Design (2012).