SF Road Trip – Part 3

Winslow, AZ – Day 10

Winslow was intended to be our Sedona stop. It was an hour outside of Sedona and the hotels were infinitely cheaper, but the drive was exhausting and never actually made it to Sedona. We ended up exploring Winslow, and we discovered this little town’s claim to fame was a mention in The Eagles’ song, “Take It Easy” (SEE HERE!). They even have a park and statue dedicated to the song! Winslow was also located on the historic Route 66, which made for some fantastic memorabilia.

Zion National Park, UT – Day 11-12

This was by far our most anticipated stop and turned out to be the highlight of the trip. Zion is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. The land formations were so fantastic it was hard to believe it was real! After our first night camping, we got up at 6am to hike Angel’s Peak. While the park’s most famous hike, it is also one of the most strenuous and dangerous (people have died). It took us six hours to hike (more physically fit people can probably make it in four, but I needed a good number of breaks). Essentially you are climbing a mountain, uphill almost the entire way and some of the areas can get as narrow as 2 feet with 1500 foot drops to either side. All you have to hold on to at those steep spots is a chain. I thought the heights would be terrifying, but instead I found it fascinating! The views were INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t stop taking photos, and those photos don’t do it’s beauty justice. I have never felt as accomplished as I did when I reached the top. I was red and completely beat, but I had just CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN! The rest of our time there was spent cursing the dry heat and trying to cool off in the river, but I’m fairly certain that our hike up Angel’s Landing will be a memory to last a lifetime.

Las Vegas, NV – Day 13-14

We stopped in Vegas for my birthday and after 2 days of unbearable heat, dirt, long hikes, and no showers, we couldn’t wait to get cleaned off and relax with modern luxuries for a couple of days. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where we lounged by the pool and caught up on some much needed sleep. We had a long day ahead of us to prepare for – our longest stretch of driving to our final destination…


The adventure has only begun and I am so excited for all the fantastic things to come! Watch out, SF, because Lenore has arrived!

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