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Ok – I’m no stranger to social media. The first thing I do in the morning is check my Facebook and many evenings are spent glued to Pinterest. From a personal standpoint I’ve found a great amount of benefits for social media – from finding inspiration, to keeping up with the news, to staying updated on people’s lives I haven’t spoken to in years. But what are the benefits for a business?

I have recently become more involved with social media campaign development in my office. I can see firsthand how good social media can help to improve a business. While doing some research, I found this interesting article about how to get freelance work through social media. I’ve also been looking at a lot of different Facebook pages to see how successful brands manage their social media pages. There are three very important characteristics when it comes to social media content – relevance, interactive, and personal.

Relevant content is a no-brainer – you want to share things that are relevant to your business but also interesting for your audience. Get to know who your target market is and their interests, then tailor your content to the things they want to receive from you. It’ll make them want to continue following your posts to see what awesome new information you have to share. Second is creating interactive content that allows you to connect directly with your followers. Interactive content could be anything from taking a poll to a fun game or contest. It should be something that invites your followers to want to post on your page. Finally, let your audience get to know you personally. You’d be surprised how much they like to get to know the real people behind an operation. It makes you seem friendlier and they will think of you when they need freelance services because you are just SOOOOO cool!

My freelance business so far has been word of mouth – family, friends, friends of friends. It would be great to get more business based on my portfolio and not just because I have a personal relationship with someone. I have Facebook and Twitter accounts solely dedicated to my graphic design business, but I never use them. I don’t use it because no one interacts, and no one interacts because I never use it – it’s an endless cycle. It’s time to stop the cycle and make social media work for me. I’m making it a goal to start using social media more often and effectively. Starting with this blog.

-Lenore 🙂

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